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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Interview with Queen Esther

With purim coming up, we present you this exclusive YALDAH interview (from issue #14, Winter 2007-08) with Queen Esther!

Interview with Queen Esther
by Shaina Rubin, age 14 from IL

YALDAH: We are very privileged to be able to speak to Queen Esther of Persia. She’s going to take us back through history to the time of the Purim story. Let’s start at the beginning.
What was it like for you to be in the king’s beauty contest?

Esther: There was a lot of tension at the beauty contest. Every woman there was given special, fancy clothing and makeup. The women had a long time to get ready; many were there for months! Sometimes the king’s advisors would come and take notes on who was there. I didn’t want to be queen, so I spent time helping other women get ready instead of me.

YALDAH: Were you scared when you found out you were the new queen?
Esther: I was terrified. I won when I wasn’t even trying. I was also scared because I didn’t want anyone to know that I was Jewish. And, of course, I did not want to marry a non-Jew. I wasn’t just scared; I was shocked!

YALDAH: What happened when you first became queen?
Esther: First, someone had to tell me all the palace rules. For example, you can’t go see the king unless he gives you permission.

YALDAH: When was the first time you heard about Haman, the kings’ evil advisor? When did you first see him?
Esther: I first saw Haman at the beauty contest. He was standing by the king and pointing out different women to him. And there are always rumors floating around the palace about the king’s advisors. But I didn’t really know much about him until Mordechai told me. Mordechai said that Haman was planning on wiping out all the Jews in Shushan – and he had the king’s permission! Let me tell you, it’s really freaky when your husband gives someone permission to wipe out all your people. Even if he doesn’t realize it. Anyway, I told Mordechai to have all the Jewish people fast and pray for three days even though it was Pesach. At the end of three days, I said I would go talk to the king about it, even though it meant the king might put me to death because I didn’t have permission to see him.

YALDAH: You must have been really scared when you went to see the king without permission. What were you thinking when the king allowed you to talk to him?
I thanked Hashem for letting me come so far with my plan. Mordechai told me that I was made queen for a reason, in order to save the Jewish people. I knew that I couldn’t let them down!

YALDAH: So you made a big wine tasting party for the king and Haman. What was that like?
I was really scared. Sitting right in front of me was the man who wanted to kill me! But I kept telling myself to calm down…it was all Hashem’s plan.

YALDAH: What happened at the second party?
It all happened so quickly. First I thanked the king and Haman for coming to the party, and all that. Then I told the king that there was an evil man who was trying to kill all of my people. The king was really confused until I explained that I was Jewish. I then pointed to Haman and said that he was the evil man. You should have seen Haman’s face! He looked so scared! Haman didn’t realize that I was Jewish. The king, on the other hand, was getting more and more angry. He finally said (after taking a few deep breaths) that Haman should be hanged on the very same gallows that Mordechai was going to be hanged on. I was never so happy in my life!

YALDAH: That’s an amazing story! What lesson do you want Jewish girls nowadays to learn from you?
Everything is for a reason. Just because you have a problem, it doesn’t mean you’ll have it forever. Hashem put you into that situation for a reason, so He’ll obviously get you out of it! It might take some courage and maybe sacrifices, but this is happening to you for a purpose.

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