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Monday, September 8, 2008

Attention Teens!


Although YALDAH is for ages 9-15, we're now looking for observant Jewish TEEN girls (ages 13-19) to contribute to a book of advice for teens that will be published by YALDAH! 
What areas do you need advice in? What areas would you like to share advice with other girls? Ever wish you had a wise older sister who had 'been there, done that'?  
Please send us your questions, problems, thoughts, comments, advice and more on any of the following topics (or suggest a topic!):

-My parents drive me crazy: Relationships with parents
-Why can't I hang out with guys? Boys, tznius, shomer negia
-I'm stressed out from school: stress & other school-related issues
-I am a nothing: depression
-If I am, who am I? Finding yourself
-Who says I'm peer pressured? Issues with friends & peer pressure
-Should I start planning my future? How? Thinking about the future
-Do adults know how I feel? Feeling like no one understands you
-I'm ashamed to be different: Being Jewish around the rest of the world
-How do I resist the temptations of the modern world? TV, movies, music, magazines, books that we should stay away from
-They say I'm bummed out: reputations & what others think
-Am I fat? Healthy eating, exercise & eating disorders
-What can I do to help my friend? When your friend needs help
-I feel limited: expressing ourselves & our talents in a kosher way

All responses will be kept anonymous. You can e-mail yaldah@comcast.net, or if you want to submit anonymously submit on the YALDAH website at http://www.yaldahmagazine.com/submit.html


kewlkmjv270 said...

why is my life so miserable somtimes? HELP PLEASE!

Anonymous said...


shosh said...

is that for a question in the book?

Rena said...

can there be a tween one? I want to help too!

( tweens are 10-12 )