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Monday, June 23, 2008

Stained-Glass Look-Alikes

1. Cut 2 pieces of waxed paper to be the same size and shape.

2. Collect flat things that you want to encase in the waxed paper.

3. Place one sheet of wax paper down, and arrange all your flat objects on it. Add crayon shavings as a colorful background and surrounding color.

4. Get an adult to help with this step. Place the other piece of wax paper on top, and iron the artwork (make sure you iron on the appropriate surface, such as on top of some newspapers). Iron until all the shavings are melted and the wax paper is stuck together.

5. Wait for it to cool, then trim the edges. Make a hole near the top to hang it if you would like!

--from www.funology.com. 

1 comment:

rutapickle said...

sounds fun! maybe ill do it next time i get bored ;)