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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Survey of the Week

What did you dress up as for Purim? What was the cutest costume you saw? Post your replies in the comments section. 


Kayla said...

I didn't really dress up; i just wore a hat.
I saw really cute costumes...let's see,
Ice cream cone
Rice Crispy purim Treats
there were lots morebut i can't think of them off hand!

Anonymous said...

I wore a cute costume together with my friend. We both have really long hair, in which we put bottles to make it stick up. We wore bright colors and big T-shirts. Mine was my sister's from kindergarten, when she was a fish for the graduation ceremony, so it had fins on it. My friend decorated hers with Purim decorations.
What was really funny was that the guy who did the magic show picked my friend as avolunteer and said, "I was hoping one of you would come up!"
Other cute costumes:
Swiss Army General
Old person

*Emily* said...

I dressed as Queen Esther. I wore a long, medival style purple dress and I wrapped a multi-colored scarf around my head.

The cutest costumes I saw were two little girls wearing Disney princess dresses. The costumes weren't all that remarkable but they were just very cute.

Anonymous said...

i didn't dress up :-(... I live in an area with nt many Jews so I'm so greatful for Yaldah, but I didnt see anyone dressed up...

shoshana said...

I was a cowgirl. the cutest costumes I saw were- a reds fan, a biggs bag, a hippie, & lots of other stuff but i cant remember

Chasya said...

I dressed up as a cow-girl,
the cutest costumes I saw were a hippi, a bigs-bag, a dismatching person, and a dementor ( a thing from Harry Potter) and alot of other cute costumes I cant remember

P.S. I am Shoshana's sister if you didnt guess

Anonymous said...

For a Chagigah we had, my friend and I each dressed up as a puzzle piece that fit into each other.
Some cute costumes were: Uncle Moishy, watermelon, and traffic light.

Kinor Stevens said...

hey i was also a cowgirl!!!

rutapickle said...

i dressed up as an indian (from india)! the cutest costume i saw was a starbucks worker!

yidskey said...

I was a vulcan together with my mother and brother (we made the costume tsnius of course the cutest one was a girl dressed up to be 9 months pregnant! :)

Anonymous said...

I was going to be a scientist, but the outfit was uncofortable. I just wore a colorful outfit and a wacky hat!

Anonymous said...

I was Dorthy from the wizard of oz
the cutest i saw was the shabbos queen and and menorah man.

YALDAH lover #1 said...

I dressed up as a sheital head. I put face make up and eye coloring on my mothers foam sheital head, and thin pined the head to a shirt. It looked like I was six ft. tall (when I'm only 4'9") and you couldn't see my head, so it was good! I got tons of compliments in this purim costume!
The cutest costume I ever saw (aside from mine :D) was when my friend dressed up as a camera that really took pictures.